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There are no substitutes for roofing expertise or integrity. RMR Roofing Construction Inc offers an abundance of both to homeowners in the Denver area looking for a roofing company with many years of local roofing experience committed to getting the job done correctly every time.

Hiring a roofing company with expertise is critical. Homeowners rely on RMR Roofing Construction Inc to advise them about roof repairs, roof life, and roof replacement under local weather conditions - conditions that out-of-town roofers may not anticipate.  

What you can expect from RMR Roofing Construction Inc:

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our team deeply cares about you and your home. From thorough preparation before your project to daily cleanup and post project customer service, we show that respect during each step of the roofing process.



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Asphalt Shingle Roofing

asphault-shinglesOne of our jobs at RMR Roofing Construction Inc is ensuring our customers know what type of material they are choosing for the job. That's why we always take the time to explain to our customers the types of materials we will be using to finish the job right.

Composition Shingles
Also called Asphalt Shingles
, Composition Shingles are leading the market for Americans looking for a quality product that will last. An estimated 75% of homes in the U.S. use Composition Shingles and they look great! They are also durable and Composition Shingles last anywhere from 20-30 years, depending upon the type of shingle the customer chooses and there are many selections to choose from. For instance class A, B or C shingles have varying fire ratings. Class A shingles last a long time, look amazing and may save you money on insurance. Also there are Solar Reflective Energy Star Rated Shingles that will qualify you for the Energy Tax Rebate.

So what are Composition Shingles? Composition Shingles are either organic or fiber glass based products. But we prefer fiber glass shingles for their durability.

Different Types of Shingles
Strip Shingles - 3 Tab Shingles are the most common. The installer has the ability to achieve pleasant shading effects depending on the shape and alignment of the shingles.
Laminated Shingles - A favorite among home owners and contractors. Laminated shingles are often referred to as architectural shingles or three dimensional shingles. The shingles are extra thick because they contain more than one layer of tabs.


Metal Roofing

metal-roofingThere are several advantages to having a metal roof:

  • current tax incentives
  • durability and leak-resistance
  • energy-savings
  • fire-resistance
  • color and style selection/options
  • potentially lower insurance premiums

A metal roof installed by a quality roofing contractor like RMR Roofing Construction Inc will help guard your home against the elements, particularly heavy thunderstorms and extreme heat. Metal roofing systems reflect more of the sun's heat than conventional shingles--promoting energy savings. Compared to a dark gray asphalt shingle roof, homeowners reported savings of approximately 23% in annual cooling costs. As far as fire-resistance, metal roofing has the best possible rating (Class A), offering unparalleled peace of mind.


Cedar Shake Roofing

weathered-cedar-shake-roofCedar Shake Roof looking a little rough? Let us restore and or replace your cedar shake roof. Most of Denver was Cedar wood shingles at one time. A few remain. We can restore most Cedar Roofs. Add ventilation systems to stop curling cedar shakes. The reason Cedar starts to curl is from the sun drying the top side of the cedar leaving the overlaps and underside moist. When the sun hits the cedar, they will curl. 

True historical cedar roofs were not put over plywood. They were installed over 1x4 slant boards. Leaving the underneath exposed to the attic and proper drying methods. When the cedar roof was dry, you could access the attic and notice little day light spots where the Cedar has shrunk. When it rains the Cedar would absorb the rain and shed the water once saturated. Bare in mind, the Cedar back then was also twice as thick or what's considered now as the Cedar Shake "Heavies"Cedar Shake Roof

New construction standards changed the installation process once plywood was invented. Cedar Shake is cut at 22" lengths. Felting is 30lb felt rolls cut in half. Lapped at 10" exposure. Leaving 2" to tuck the Cedar Shake under every third course.

Cedar shake roofs were once all over Denver and still have some pockets of finer homes where Cedar is all that was considered. Due to increased fire rates on insurance and the big hail storm of 95. Cedar has become a thing of the past here in Metro Denver. Most of the older homes in the big hail storm were covered over with a 30 year shingle. Some of the older home buyers find a real rude surprise when they go to get a roofing estimate and find there is an additional layer over an existing Cedar Roof. Leaving them stuck with the costs of adding plywood. When it comes to the appearance of Cedar Shake, nothing compares.

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