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RMR Construction Inc. is a leader in commercial skylight installations with a long history of innovative skylight design. Each skylight installation is unique to fit your commercial building giving you the feeling that the skylight was original and a welcome natural light source. Our team has installed, replaced and repaired skylights in churches, hotels, atriums, office buildings, warehouses, condominiums, shopping malls. Our team will provide a written estimate for your project and we guarantee our work.

Storms and high winds can cause serious damage to your home commercial building compromising the integrity of your installation. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you from our immediate temporary protective cover to final damage repairs and re-installations.

Our sales team will look at the space you want to add a skylight. We will cover with you all the major factors that go into designing the right skylight for your needs. We consider not only the amount and quality of light, but how the skylight will affect the flow and feel of your business. Each building is different and provides its own set of limitations and possibilities so we will help you decide which skylight will get the results you are looking for – more light and a more enjoyable space for you business.

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